Create a moodboard for the word “abundance”.

The Moodboard

This board, 720 x 1020 mm, is about the abundance of empty spaces, because in class we were often told not to be afraid of them.

Hemingway wasn’t exactly known for his frugal lifestyle – quite the opposite, actually – so his poem fits the light grey text frame of the board perfectly.

If there’s empty spaces in your heart
They’ll make you think it’s wrong
Like having empty spaces
Means you never can be strong
But I’ve learned that all these spaces
Means there’s room enough to grow
And the people that once filled them
Were always meant to be let go
And all these empty spaces
Create a strange sort of pull
That attract so many people
You wouldn’t meet if they were full
So if you’re made of empty spaces
Don’t ever think it’s wrong
Because maybe they’re just empty
Until the right person comes along

It might be too small to see, but in the top left corner is his signature.


Ernest Hemingway.